About Me


My Story

I'm passionate about film-making and I am working towards my goal of making my own movie. In the meantime I'm using my Business, IT and Media degrees to help businesses with Digital Brand Management.

I am a retro gamer with a collection of games for multiple consoles. I also like reading books and watching films, so have a large collection of those too.

My Skills

I have degrees in Business, IT and Media. As part of these degrees I have worked on a TV show for Channel 31, hosted a radio show, made short films, wrote articles and had an internship at The Age.

I also have been a radio producer on Vision Australia Radio.

I currently run my business Pixel Layer, appear on TV and I am on the committee of an International Honour Society.

For a full list see my LinkedIn page

I can:

  • Act.
  • Produce and edit videos (Adobe Premiere).
  • Build Websites (WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP).
  • Write articles.
  • Research and write reports.
  • Organise events.
  • Develop Software (Java).


Next Steps...

If you think I'll be useful for your next project, please use the button to contact me.